In Europe, the most common fraud with rice is selling low-quality rice as if it were of high quality. In other places plastic is added to grains in quantities undetectable by the consumer until it is cooked.

To solve the problem the team has created an.algorithm based on deep learning that allows detecting irregularities in the labelling of rice with a photo taken with a smartphone. The team took more than 27,000 images (samples) of five different types of rice (. Oryza sativa L.) to design and validate the deep learning-based system. The rice was ground to distinguish the type of rice not only when it is in grain form but also when it is ground into flour. 

T.he result is an algorithm based on convolutional neural networks which is capable of detecting and classifying all five rice types accurately. The team said that they obtain final precision models between 93 and 99 %. Compared to other detection methods, this technique is simple and cheap. And according to the researchers, the technology can be extrapolated to other types of cereals or food

How to use

Disclaimer .- This demo is non user friendly and run in a wild demo environment, if you have any doubt please contact us

First. You need a picture of rice, you can use this page rice image, just right click the image an save in your device filesystem or photo library. 

Second, click the DEMO ACCESS button, a new browser window will provde you with two options.

Third, click the browse button, and select an image to be processed

Fourth click the upload blue button this will upload the image from your device and will be processed in a demo environment

Fifth. You should have a result,