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ALGOREACH was created with one main goal: the design of custom-made or task-specific intelligent mathematical models for their application in complex processes for fields as diverse as chemical engineering, biochemistry, medicine, or food technology.

José S. Torrecilla, Professor of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), is the leader and main researcher of ALGOREACH. This group is included within a well-established research group of the UCM.

ALGOREACH is formed by researches that specialize on different fields such as chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, and mathematics. This multidisciplinary atmosphere has allowed ALGOREACH to work with a wide variety of research groups from different countries, aiding in the development of both national and international projects with either public or private grants.

The results attained from these collaborations have been published in a great number of scientific international conferences and numerous papers in prestigious journals with the highest impacts within their respective fields.

In addition, ALGOREACH has edited books in the areas of expertise that summarize their experience in the research sector. This group has collaborated and still collaborates in the organization, management, and teaching of multiple courses.

Currently, ALGOREACH forms part of the consortium of LCAOS, which is a European Project that belongs to the Seventh Framework Programme, where intelligent mathematical models are being applied for early lung cancer detection and diagnosis.




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