Research Lines

The main research line of ALGOREACH is focused on the design of custom-made mathematical models for their application in various fields.

The mathematical models are based on intelligent algorithms that are designed and optimized to fulfill specific tasks in different technical fields. In Figure 1 some of the fields where they have been successfully employed are shown.

Some of our research has supposed the starting point for many other international research groups. For example, applying artificial neural networks for the determination of the concentration of ionic liquids in petrochemical mixtures or the design of systems for intelligent control of industrial processes have helped boosting other groups.

In general terms, a great number of models have been designed for various technical lines of work. It is worth mentioning that these algorithms have been useful for many applications. Among some of them is the design of control systems, detection and quantification of adulterations in foods, creation of chemometric tools, purity evaluation of chemicals, design of custom-made chemicals, early lung cancer diagnosis, food quality assessment, and so on.

All these applications represent the main results of the research projects and patents, and they have been published in different prestigious journals at an international level.


Figure 1. Main fields where intelligent algorithms have been successfully employed by ALGOREACH.